Who Are Trevor James Saxophones?

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Unlock Your True Potential with Trevor James (TJ) Saxophones!

From our vibrant Kent headquarters in the UK, the inception of TJ saxophones took place in the early 1990s. Since then, our instruments have evolved into one of the most highly regarded brands worldwide, renowned for excellence in Student, Step-up, and Professional horns.


Prepare to be amazed by our award-winning models. We cater to all players, including the young and smaller musicians with our innovative Alphasax. The TJ 'Classic', 'SR' saxes, and our professional TJ Signature Custom horns continue to captivate players of all levels. Additionally, we proudly craft the exclusive Limited Edition Andy Sheppard 'Autograph' professional bespoke tenor saxophone, limited to only 100 ever made.


We actively engage with our community through various social media channels, valuing an ongoing dialogue with players and teachers around the world. You can find links to our social media pages on our saxophone model pages and the social media panel on our website's Home Page.


Unleash your musical journey with TJ Saxophones. Discover the instrument that resonates with your soul, and let your aspirations soar to new heights.


If you are also a sax and flute 'doubler', then check out our TJ flute website