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PJ with the TJJ Signature.................ten years on

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Photo 17/09/2013
PJ with the TJJ Signature.................ten years on
Photo 14/06/2013
Gsax> from Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Photo 04/06/2013
Ed Leaker testing the award winning RAW XS alto
Video 22/04/2013
Adastra after on 3 weeks on her new saxophone!
Photo 01/03/2013
Blake Glassey from Preston on his Horn Classic II
Video 16/01/2013
Andy Brush playing the RAW XS tenor in the recording studio
Video 16/01/2013
Eric Alexander on the Signature Custom RAW XS tenor
Video 16/01/2013
Dan Stern recording on the SC RAW XS tenor sax
Video 16/01/2013
New York sax player John Ellis testing the SC RAW XS tenor
Video 16/01/2013
Julian Arguelles playing the SC RAW XS tenor during his masterclass
Video 16/01/2013
Sax player Dave O'Higgins test drives the SC RAW XS tenor sax
Video 20/12/2012
5 Yr old Annabelle playing her Trevor James Alphasax!
Photo 12/12/2012
Daveysax1, Dave Keighley.Smoothsaxsounds
Video 16/10/2012
Elina Purina playing melody from Sting on her AltoSaxe with dreamlike story from Trevor James
Video 14/09/2012
5yr old Annabelle from New Zealand playing 'Walking in the Air' on her pink Alphasax
Photo 29/08/2012
Teemu Korpikoski playing a SC RAW alto with Cookie Watkins
Photo 27/07/2012
Elina Purina
Photo 12/06/2012
Simon Peat
Photo 11/05/2012
Callum Bowran
Photo 11/05/2012
Tony Rico Richardson
Photo 11/05/2012
Gerard Cornilje
Video 06/05/2012
Gerard 'Saxbomb' Cornielje on Signature Raw Tenor!
Video 26/10/2011
Denny Boy - my favorite tune.
Video 11/07/2011
Photo 21/01/2011
Josh from Norwich and his Alphasax
Photo 10/01/2011
Courtney Wall - Oswestry. Age 9, Has just started learning the Saxophone
Video 27/09/2010
Mark Buckingham plays Trevor James Signature Custom sax
Video 27/09/2010
TJ Horn Revolution II - Moscow Mariachi
Photo 04/08/2010
George Howell - Maidstone U.K
Photo 05/03/2010
Craig Timms plays Trevor James Saxophones - photograph copyright of Marianne Harris 2010
Photo 26/02/2010
Iain Kilpatrick of Cambridge Pianoforte & Music Gallery
Video 08/08/2009
Saxophone Ensemble - SaxTown Band St Petersburg
Photo 04/08/2009
SaxTown Band - St Petersburg Russia
Video 14/07/2009
Dave O'Higgins Quartet live at Plaza Loreto - Mexico City
Photo 14/07/2009
Dave O'Higgins - Jazz tenor sax player with Signature Custom sax
Photo 28/05/2009
Sax player Hannah, U.K. on her Pink Trevor James alto sax
Photo 13/05/2009
Miles Dann - Ticehurst U.K. playing the Alphasax
Photo 28/04/2009
Abi Harding of band 'The Zutons' signs a Trevor James Classic sax for charity auction
Photo 15/04/2009
Cubist sax player DC-RY plays Signature Custom
Photo 15/04/2009
Jazz player BB Grim tests new pink Alphasax
Photo 15/04/2009
Guss - Kent, UK plays the Classic alto
Photo 15/04/2009
Beth - Tunbridge Wells, UK plays the Alphasax
Photo 15/04/2009
Franziska Schulz - Germany playing the Alphasax
Photo 15/04/2009
Leo Buaries on the Alphasax
Photo 28/01/2009
Lauren - Norwich, UK
Photo 26/01/2009
Amanda - Maidstone, UK
Photo 26/01/2009
Zoe - Maidstone, UK
Photo 26/01/2009
Roger - Ashford, UK
Photo 26/01/2009
Nathan - Colchester, UK
Photo 26/01/2009
Mark - London, UK