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Warren Keller

Warren Keller


TJ Signature Custom



Having experienced success as an NYC rocker in the 80s and Nashville writer in the 90s— ­composer, producer, singer, and woodwind performer, Warren Keller, now channels his grooving influences into his role as leader of the perfectly named, C-Jazz ensemble, Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion. In their first year together, SGC attained chart positions as high as No. 9 on SmoothJazz’s Top 100 Radar, and GrooveJazz Music's Top 30 charts, and are beloved by listeners and broadcasters the World over. While he pursues continued growth in the funky/smooth genre, Warren continues to rock-on, playing tenor, alto, and flute with The Crooked Roots, led by frontman, Josh Folmsbee. Trained by Tex Beneke's, Gerry Orrico, and Jack Teagarden's, Kenny Davern, Warren is very pleased and proud to have found recent success after a long hiatus from music.

"Diving back into saxophone with a renewed passion in 2016, I strove to find a new 'voice' Though it had lush tone, I was tired of fighting the low and top ends of my Mark VI for forty years. Disappointed in many modern horns and setups, I decided on the Signature Custom RAW, sight unseen, based on Stephen Howard's review– this, because Steve's descriptions of both the Selmer, and a Yamaha Custom Z I'd been playing for a year, precisely matched my own, less than stellar impressions of them. The Trevor James Signature Custom RAW embodies everything I wanted in a horn! It has both the fat, lush core of a great, vintage Selmer, with the ergonomics and playability of a modern Yamaha. With zero resistance in both the lowest notes and altissimo range, its fullness and lyricism far surpasses the Japanese horns. It looks, feels, sounds, and plays beautifully!"