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Tupac Amarulloa

Tupac Amarulloa


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Born on July 24, 1975 in San José, Costa Rica, Túpac Amarulloa grows up in the midst of a musical family, thus allowing him to become acquainted with artistic activity from an early age on. At the age of nine, he chooses the traverse flute as his main instrument and after having completed his secondary education at the Conservatorio de Castella (1992), he starts studying music at the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), swapping a year and a half later to the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA).

In October 1996 he begins studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (Belgium) under the direction of Carlos Bruneel, where he becomes a Master in Classical Music in the year 2000, with a specialization in traverse flute. Two years later he enters the Royal Conservatory of Ghent to study Jazz and Popular Music, where he also graduates with a Master’s degree in 2006.

Tupac Amarulloa also studied baroque flute at the Emiel Hullebroeck Music Academy in Ghent and has participated in numerous master classes with internationally renowned musicians such as Peter Lukas Graff, Michael Debost, Emmanuel Pahud, Gaby de Quant, Eddie Daniels and Bob Mintzer. Being a polyvalent musician, he takes part in diverse projects, thus enriching his experience with very different musical currents, that go from ancient to contemporary music, jazz, flamenco, Latin-American and experimental music.

Today, Túpac Amarulloa teaches music at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA) and is actively involved in various musical projects, one of which consists in composing and performing his own original music with his Jazz group.