Choose your Trevor James Saxophone

Choose your Trevor James Saxophone

Discover Your Perfect Saxophone with Trevor James!


We have a saxophone waiting for you, tailored to your needs and aspirations. From the unique Trevor James Alphasax, designed for small and young players, to the exquisite Signature Custom Pro horn, we offer a comprehensive range of TJ saxophones.


Alphasax - Unleash Your Potential!

Breaking barriers for young players, the Alphasax is a popular and innovative saxophone. No longer will they be told to wait until they grow bigger to play the sax! This saxophone is 33% lighter, with a two-octave reach, empowering young musicians to start their musical journey with ease.


The 'Horn' - Your Student Saxophone!

For over three decades, the award-winning 'Horn' student saxophones have set the standard. Designed 32 years ago and updated in 2019, they remain one of the top choices for students worldwide. Experience a reliable and high-quality instrument that will support your growth and progression.


Trevor James SR 'Evo Saxophone - Elevate Your Performance!

Ready to upgrade from your first instrument? The SR 'Evo saxophone is the perfect choice. Combining elements from the TJ Horn '88 and the SR model, this saxophone delivers enhanced features and performance, enabling you to take your skills to new heights.


Trevor James SR Range - Your Next Level Sax ❤️

If you're seeking that extra edge in your instrument, the Trevor James SR Range is your ideal upgrade. Designed for players who crave more advanced features and tonal characteristics, this range will take your playing experience to the next level.


Signature Custom - Professional Excellence 🎷

Join a growing network of top professional sax players who choose the Signature Custom saxophones as their ultimate horn of choice. With a special mention to the 'RAW' XS model, these professional alto and tenor saxophones are crafted to perfection. Discover more details and specifications at our dedicated pro-horn website,