Choose your Trevor James Saxophone

Choose your Trevor James Saxophone

We have a saxophone waiting for you!


From the unique Trevor James Alphasax to the Signature Custom Pro horn there really is a TJ sax designed and ready for you!


Alphasax - Unique saxophones for the small and young player

A popular and innovative saxophone developed for the very young player who had previously been told that they had to wait until they grew bigger until they could play the sax! 33% lighter and with a two octave reach.


The 'Horn' student saxophones

Multi award winning saxophones designed 32 years ago and further updated in 2019.  One of the leading student saxophone models on the market.


The Trevor James SR 'Evo saxophone - upgrade horn

The perfect step-up model from your first instrument - a cross between the TJ Horn '88 with some features from taken from the 'SR' model 


The Trevor James SR Range

An ideal 'upgrade' sax for the player wanting just that little bit extra from their instrument.  More advanced instrument features and tonal characteristics to suit those buying their next horn.


The Signature Custom professional saxophones

With an expanding worldwide network of top professional sax players now choosing the SC sax (especially the 'RAW" XS model) as their horn of choice, the Signature Custom saxophones are professional alto and tenor saxophones for the serious player.  Check outr more details and specs at pro-horn website.